Cottage Life And Renos

By: Raymond Pace

Cottage Life And Renos

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Owning a cottage in Ontario is great for many reasons, especially if you are a fan of hidden getaways in the midst of wildlife during the hot summer days. Still, having a cottage means also having the responsibility to maintain a distant property and invest in its upkeep. Cottages are exposed to different circumstances and a different environment than a home in the city, which means any reno works or updates will also require a different approach. Updating your cabin/cottage in the woods or by the lake may require different/more resilient materials, different furniture and paying more attention to the weather conditions and the surrounding. 

Limitless Choices
We live in a world where functionality and aesthetics can be successfully combined to create the perfect home. Homebuyers have endless options when updating and decorating, whether it’s their main or vacation home. Use the limitless choice to your advantage, but to do it right, seek advice at the local stores or from a designer, examine and compare different materials, inquire/read about different cottage lifestyles and home trends to get an idea of how to design your own.

The Materials
Choose materials that have excellent durability even under tough circumstances. Hardwood, laminate or vinyl flooring will do the job, but avoid carpeting as it holds the dirt in, which combined with moisture, can lead to mildew and bad smells. When it comes to the finishes, you may want to go with wire brushed or hand scraped, as they are less likely to show dirt or dust. Use high-quality materials for windows, too, but make sure they fit the style of each room, so you can go with double hung or slider windows in the living room, awnings in the kitchen and textured glass in the bathroom or something else that would look great on your cottage. Use also clean and simple materials in the bath and the kitchen for better maintenance. 

Safety And The Main Systems
Since cottages usually sit empty for the major part of the year, they need to be extra secured to avoid any mishaps like floods or fire. Poor-maintained cottages are more likely to catch fire and you have to take good care of everything inside and outside the cottage; so while you are upgrading the place, check if major systems like heating, cooling or pipes need to be updated. Also, replace outdated and old cooking appliances and smoke alarms regularly, check and clean the furnace, keep your roof free of dry leaves and debris and keep firewood or fuel minimum 10 meters away from the cottage.

Before you start buying furniture, drapes and décor items, make sure you know what style you want your cottage or cabin to embody. Maybe you are a fan of floral patterns or rustic interior designs, and whichever it is, just make sure it blends in well with the cottage type and the environment.

If you are still not a cottage owner, but you would like to be, here is what you need to know about recreational property shopping and how to avoid certain pitfalls.



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