How to get your home ready for sale?

By: Raymond Pace

How to get your home ready for sale?



Since the climate has been changing lately due to global warming, it becomes very hard to tell seasons apart. One day it’s raining and freezing, the other it’s warm and we get to enjoy mild temperatures. Home sellers should be aware that the sudden changes in weather have not only an impact on the mood but also on home showings. Keeping your home show-ready in different weather conditions can be challenging. For example, it’s hard to stick to a theme, like a cozy winter setting with winter rugs and a fireplace with crackling wood sounds, if there is no snow in sight. One has to constantly adjust the home to match it to the daily weather.

How does the weather impact homebuyers?
Most buyers skip showings on rainy or stormy days and wait for warmer weather, but if one or the other shows up at your door despite bad weather, you should know that you are dealing with a serious buyer who is genuinely interested in getting a home as soon as possible. This means that you should pay attention to the slightest detail to present your home in the best possible way including the weather factor.

Buyers will certainly pay more attention to features that are a necessity at that moment. For example, if you have a home showing on a cold and snowy day, their first focus of attention will be the heating and if it’s warm enough in the home. On such days, turn up the thermostat to present your home as the perfect getaway from the harsh cold outside. If your heating is not in prime condition, make sure to repair it to enhance its performance.

Rainy days will probably encourage buyers to check the home for any roof leakages, and they might ask questions about the condition of the roof and if it has been repaired and when. If you really have a leaking roof, you should take care of it before listing your home as it’s a huge turn off for buyers.

Bad weather is perfect for playing the coziness card:  leave a book at the table near the window, turn on the table lamps and bake some cookies. Don’t forget to lay out a super-absorbing doormat to avoid dripping shoes all over your floor if it’s raining or snowing. Cold rainy days are dull and you cannot order the sun to come out, but you can turn on the lights inside for a warmer feel.

When the weather is hot, buyers will appreciate a flawlessly working air-conditioner more, and they’ll probably be thrilled if you have a backyard with a barbecue or a pool, or both. These assets become the primary selling features during hot seasons, just like a great and working fireplace during the winter. It’s important to accentuate more the features that are in a ready-to-use-edition at the time of showing, but the rest is not to be neglected either.

What about the outside?
If you are selling a condo unit, you can’t do much around the building, but if you are selling a home with a front yard, you should invest some time and energy to boost the curb appeal. In the winter, it’s more about maintenance and safety, so make sure the driveway is not blocked by the snow and pour over some rock salt or gravel to minimize slipping accidents. Boosting the curb appeal with flowers works best in the spring, but for now, the most you can do is to keep it clean, neat, and snow/mud-free. You may get a new mailbox or house number plate in pastel/bright colors to break the monotony.  



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