Outdoor Reno Projects: Roofing, Driveway, External Wall

By: Pace Home Selling Team

Outdoor Reno Projects: Roofing, Driveway, External Wall

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We have already talked about how the spring weather is perfect for boosting the curb appeal, e.g.  updating the porch and the front and backyard, but if you want a complete makeover of your exterior, you can update the roof, driveway and even repaint the entire house for an all-around effect. Of course, redoing these features is a more ambitious endeavor that requires a solid budget and a bit of patience. If you want it done correctly, you will hire an expert and keep away from DIY methods. The thing with these upgrades is that they don’t only look nice but also extend the life of your home and have a significant ROI rate. For example, a gravel driveway can have a 50% to 75% Return on Investment rate, and it’s similar with a new roof. If you are not sure how to approach these reno project, here are some ideas.
Roof Updates
 When updating the roof, it’s important to choose a durable high-quality roofing material that is climate- appropriate for the area you live in but that still compliments your home. Asphalt shingles are the most common option in Canada as they are very practical, affordable and look good. But, if you want to stand out from the masses, you can also opt for clay/tile roofing. Extremely weather-resistant and easy on the eyes, it will give your home a Spanish-like charm. For flat and low-slope roofs, light-weighted but durable and resilient aluminum and steel roofs could be the right choice.
Whichever roofing option you pick, bear in mind to choose something you really like given that you will be stuck with it for quite some time.
If you want to follow the latest energy efficiency trends, go with cooler materials as they will absorb less heat and keep the home cool during the upcoming hot summer days. A lighter roof color will further keep the heat away, but if you simply have a thing for dark roofs, make sure to pick one with only a dark pigment as they will absorb less heat.
The Driveway
 When it comes to the driveway, there are so many ideas. Whether you choose concrete, gravel, cobblestone, etc., just make sure it complements the rest of your home. Concrete can get expensive, but its durability can easily reach 30 years if poured as supposed to. Its sharp modern look mixed with low maintenance requirements is the formula that appeals to many minimalists. On the other hand, brick and cobblestone are highly in demand because they come in an array of colors and patterns accounting for a sophisticated look. Bear in mind that laying the driveway is not meant as a DIY project and you’ll need to hire a handyman.
Choose The External Wall Painting
 The external wall color is an important feature that determines the style of your home and that’s why it’s important to pick the right fit that will blend in with the surrounding. If lots of green and trees surround your home, earthy tones will work well. If you go with a red roof, make sure that the home’s color accentuates the roof. The classic white color works for multiple styles and in various neighborhoods, so you hardly can go wrong with it, especially if the shades, trims and the doors are accentuated in a different color. For a warmer look, soft yellow is an excellent choice, especially for shingle bungalows. If you want to make a bolder statement with your home, you can go with bluish, reddish or orange tones as long as they tastefully blend in with the environment.
Occasional home updates are important as maintenance plays a huge role in the value of the home. Plus, creating a nice living space will certainly elevate the mood and help improve the quality of life.  If you need additional information on home improvements or adding value to you home call us or go to http://www.paceteam.ca/.



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