Outdoor Reno Projects: The Front And The Backyard

By: Pace Home Selling Team

Outdoor Reno Projects: The Front And The Backyard

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The exterior of the home has become almost as important as the interior given that it’s the first thing buyers/passers-by/guests see when they come by, and only one look is enough to form an opinion of the entire house. While the winter only required shoveling off the snow and keeping the entryway de-iced and safe, spring allows for more outdoor creativity. It’s the ideal season to show off the exterior of your home, whether it’s the front, back or both yards.

Everything is green and blooming making it the perfect timing to boost your curb appeal and increase the resale value of your home. Last time we talked about updating windows, doors and porches, and now, let’s see what you can do to improve your front lawn and backyard.

Make Your Front Yard Stand Out Wit Flower Gardens
Flower gardens are one of the most classic but also one of the most beautiful front yard features you can go for. Year in, year out, the sight of flowers never gets boring! But, if you still want something unique, change the flower garden edging from sharp and symmetric to a nicely curved one. It will add character and appeal to your home. To avoid high-maintenance flowers and plants, go for native ones that grow well in your area. Make sure to have diverse plants that grow at different times of the year since you want the flower magic to last more than one season. Some perennial plants can bloom through the fall and keep your yard fresh until almost the winter days. For a more versatile look, put a few colorful potted plants on the porch.

Another great idea is to refresh the pathway that leads to your front door. Use natural flagstone, concrete stepping stone or even bricks that match or are similar to the ones used on the house. You can even pave an extra path that leads directly to the backyard. It will create a harmonious setting, especially if you add in-ground lighting along the pathway.

Ideas For A Great Backyard
Backyards are given more and more attention and they have become as important as the inside of the home, especially because they become the centerpiece of attention throughout the spring and summer.

We all love to spend more time outside when the weather is warm, and that’s why many people create their own getaway just behind the house. Backyards add great value to a home because they can be used for various outdoor leisure activities.  Homeowners often go with a barbecue or chill-out area, and families often add a mini playground for their children, mostly a sandbox and swings.

If you want to take your backyard to the next level, it’s key to create the perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and function. You don’t have to over-splurge on unnecessary add-ons or too many decorative items. Focus on features that are useful and match the style of your home. For example, you can install a dry-laid patio or a wood deck whichever complements your home better and create an outdoor dining area.  It’s not only aesthetically appealing but also super convenient and easy to maintain. For an effect of tranquility add a water feature like a fountain or small pond or even a hot tub. When it comes to lighting, the so-called Malibu LED landscape lighting is one of the top choices. The lamps come in many shapes and styles, so you won’t have any troubles finding the right ones for your backyard.

If you currently have more money at your disposal, a fully equipped outdoor kitchen might come in handy, and not only now but also if you decide to sell the house at some point. Stylish outdoor kitchens are not that uncommon anymore and are a valuable selling feature. 


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