Outdoor Reno Projects: start with the Front Door, Windows And The Porch

By: Pace Home Selling Team

Outdoor Reno Projects: start with the Front Door, Windows And The Porch

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The first rays of sunshine and the spring increase our energy level, and what’s better than using the extra energy for doing something useful, like an all-around outdoor reno project? Even if it's currently rainy season in Ontario, homeowners should definitely have a plan to update or retouch the outdoor area and boost the curb appeal to add value to their home this spring. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of the exterior of your home.

New Windows And Shutters
Since windows represent the eyes of your home, they are valuable aesthetic features that can contribute immensely to your home's appearance. If you are tired of your old window frames, consider buying new fashionable ones, but make sure they match the style of your home. Double-hung windows are very popular these days, so you might want to follow this trend and try it out. Timber window frames are also an excellent choice given their durability and low-maintenance. If you don’t feel like buying new windows, you can freshen up the old ones by adding outside shutters. Shutters are very trendy, affordable and easy to install. Choose a style that complements your home and be careful with the color choice. Avoid loud and strong colors as they probably won’t blend in well with the rest of the home. For a more elegant look, window trims are the way to go, plus, they give character to the home. You can go for the natural wood color or paint them white, whatever goes better with the current design of your home.

The Door
When buying the entrance door, most people look for a secure heavy door that is not easy to break. Still, this doesn't mean that you have to go for a boring look. Maybe your entrance door is in solid condition, but painting it with a pop of color will freshen up the entire entryway. Unlike windows, the door can be in a more vivid color, like red or yellow, but if you won't take any chances and prefer the classic look, you can add fiber glass parts to pep it up a bit. Steel doors could also come in handy as they allow for a range of decorative windows and are easy to maintain. As for the garage door, it will be enough to add an interesting pattern or new hardware.

Add Flowers And Plants
Flowers have incredible power and aesthetic value, but they don't only look pretty, they can also elevate the mood and have a positive impact on our emotional health. If you don't have a mini garden in the front yard, you can always set up window boxes and plant or buy flowers for a full-scale spring makeover.

The Porch And Steps
The porch and the steps are substantial for boosting curb appeal, so they deserve a part of your attention as well. If you've got wooden stairs, check them for any cracks or splits and update them or replace them completely, depending on how big the damage is. If you've got concrete stairs, you can clad them in stone veneer for an amazing look. You can opt for natural stone or manufactured, whereby the latter is more affordable. You will be surprised by the outcome. If the size of your porch allows it, add two chairs to be able to enjoy the new ambiance you created.
Want to pep up the inside of your home, too? Here are some tips for easy weekend reno projects.

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