What To Look For In Pools And Decks/ Patios?

By: Pace Home Selling Team

What To Look For In Pools And Decks/ Patios?

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It’s that time of the year when people try to soak up the beautiful days and sunshine outside as much as they can. Homeowners are looking forward to hosting parties and spending their free afternoons in their backyards. Ever since outdoor living integrated itself into the everyday lives of homeowners, we have seen wonderful outdoor space ideas come to life. Some owners hire architects and designers, while others pursue DIY methods to create a lovely outside spot for recreation and entertainment.

Nowadays, outside spaces are as important as the interior, and many buyers ask their agent only to consider homes with a creative backyard corner or space. Outdoor living has become synonymous with decks and patios which feature a barbeque, seating area, sometimes a playground area, and even an outside kitchen or a swimming pool. All of these features reveal a little something about the lifestyle that the particular home offers. If you are thinking about freshening up your yard as well, you cannot go wrong with a great deck or patio design and/or a swimming pool. Creating the perfect retreat corner means also adding an extra selling feature and increasing the value of the home.

Decks/Patios Ideas
Decks and patios represent a blissful retreat for most homeowners especially when the weather is nice. It’s a good thing that patios don’t have to be expensive to look good. If your budget is limited, consider gravel or concrete patios which are the cheapest options. Concrete may look too simple, but it’s great for maintenance, plus, you can always add décor items and choose lively furniture colors to give it character. If you are more up for an extravagant look and ready to pay more, stone and flagstone can do wonders.

Deck fans usually go with wood, and if you also want the natural look, make sure to find low-maintenance high-density wood materials to avoid splits and cracks or furniture scratches at least for a few more years. On a side note though, wood will always require more maintenance than other materials. The easiest to maintain by far are aluminum decks. Even if they cost more, they are worth every penny given their fabulous aesthetics, fire and weather resistance and thermal conduction which keeps them from overheating and burning our feet.

If you plan for a grass and flower area, make sure to reserve the sunniest side for it as it will need plenty of sunlight to grow. If a fence is also part of your plan, choose one that blends in well with the environment. 

Installing A Backyard Pool
A swimming pool in the backyard gives a distinctive feel to the entire house. It is always the crown jewel regardless of its shape and style as it’s the most popular water feature. Building a pool requires careful preparation because it involves many aspects, and every mistake can be costly. That’s why the material plays a vital role, i.e., opt for a slip-resistant deck that absorbs heat well and make sure the water drains away from the home. Stamped concrete and wood are very common and functional choices, so make sure to consider them.

When it comes to the resale value, a pool will score better in higher-end neighborhoods. Buyers in less prominent communities will rather see it as an obstacle due to maintenance costs that they would have to take over. Nevertheless, having a pool is not a matter of money and investment return, but a matter of a certain lifestyle. It increases the value of the quality of life and accounts for a more pleasant living experience.

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